Ziggy Kids Saver

If you're 15 or under kickstart your savings with a bonus interest rate when you make at least one deposit with no withdrawals during the month.~

Government guarantee on deposits

Your money is protected with us. Peace of mind that deposits up to $250,000 are covered by the Australian Government Deposits Guarantee.

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  • 1 Interest paid on full balance. Interest is for the whole balance calculated on daily balance and paid monthly.
  • 2 Interest tiered and paid on that part of the account balance. Interest calculated on opening daily balance and paid monthly. To earn the bonus interest rate: make at least 1 deposit, credit transfer or electronic credit to the account in the calendar month (interest credit excluded), and make no withdrawals, debit transfers or electronic debits from the account in the calendar month.
  • 3 Interest paid on maturity

To decide if a product is appropriate for you, please carefully read the relevant product terms & conditions or disclosure statement. A target market determination can be obtained here.

*Available for personal use only - businesses, companies, body corporate, superannuation funds, family trusts, clubs and non-profit organisations are not eligible.

~ The Account is not available to anyone over the age of fifteen years. The Account must be opened in the child's name only by either a legal guardian or child (aged 11-15). Acceptable identification is required from either the child (aged 11-15 years) or the legal guardian opening the account. The child's birth certificate is required for evidence of the child's date of birth. When the child reaches the age of sixteen years, the Account will be transferred to a Bonus Plus Saver Account.

^ Upon maturity, unless you provide us with new instructions, your Term Deposit will automatically roll over for an identical term at the current interest rate applicable to that term. When your funds are renewed for the same fixed term as before, the applicable interest rate may be higher or lower than the interest rate that you received in the previous term due to the rates we offer changing from time to time. Any withdrawal of part or all funds prior to maturity will be subject to 31 days' notice. If you are experiencing hardship and need to withdraw your funds on less than 31 days notice, please contact us immediately. Alternatively at the end of your term, should you wish to modify your Term Deposit, you may notify us 2 calendar days before but no later than 7 calendar days after the maturity date and:

  • Transfer your investment to a different term deposit;

  • Deposit to or withdraw from the term deposit;

  • Have the full amount of your term deposit paid to any of your other accounts with Auswide ;

  • Use the funds to pay any of your bills by BPAY®