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What is PayID?

PayID makes sending and receiving payments easier than ever. No longer do you need to try and find your BSB and account number!

Your PayID is an easy to remember piece of information linked to your transaction account, such as a mobile number, email address or ABN, if you're a business. Once you're set up, you can provide your PayID to friends or family rather than your BSB and account number. Simply put, PayID makes sending and receiving money quicker and easier with funds arriving almost instantly!

So Why Use PayID?

How to Create a PayID?

You can register your mobile number or email address as a PayID, or if you’re a business, your ABN or Organisation ID.

Once registered, simply share it with people who need to pay you rather than remembering your BSB and account number. If you need to pay someone, just ask if they have PayID to transfer money fast.

To make a payment to a PayID, in Internet Banking, simply enter the recipient’s registered Pay ID.

  • Select Menu
  • Select Settings
  • Select Manage PayID
  • Select Create PayID
  • Select Settings
  • Select Manage PayID
  • Select Create PayID





What is Osko®?

Osko by BPAY™ is a near real-time payment. The service is built on the New Payments Platform and enables fast payments to a PayID or an eligible BSB and account number.

Whether you’re paying a phone bill, or chipping in to pay for a meal at a restaurant, more of the payments you send and receive can happen almost instantly 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

With Osko, you don't need to do a thing. Osko payments are made within your online banking and backed by BPAY, making it secure and safe. Once a payment has been sent, it arrives in under a minute! If you see Osko at the end of your next bank transfer or in your transaction history, you'll know your money has been sent or received fast using Osko.

If Osko is available on both the sending and receiving accounts, you can use up to 280 characters to describe your payment, including emoji’s.

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® Registered to BPAY Pty Ltd (ABN 69 079 137 518).

* BPAY is not available on all Auswide Bank accounts.