So you’ve just bought your first home, but there are probably a few little things you’d like to fix up. A full renovation might not be on the cards (or in your budget), but that outdated flooring and decades old paint could use a little refresh.

Before you pull up the carpet though, it's important to pay attention to how you live in your home and use the space. By spending money on these focus areas you'll be able to make to most out of a smaller budget.

If you're thinking of improving your home, here are our top 5 improvements that are achievable on a smaller budget and can add value in the long run.


1. Indoor/outdoor living spaces

Australians love entertaining outdoors and adding bifold doors or windows between your indoor and outdoor areas will not only make the space more accessible, but it will become much more inviting for you and your guests.


2. Painting

Not only is this a simple task you can do yourself, but a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can breathe life into a home making it feel brighter and more modern in an instant.


3. Fixtures and window treatments

Installing new fixtures such as cabinet handles, light fittings and window coverings are an easy way to update multiple rooms in your home and can be done in stages depending on your budget.


4. Flooring

Updating flooring can be costly, but can dramatically change the look and feel of your space. Take your time comparing materials and choose something you will still like years from now.


5. Front Facade

The front of your home is the focal point for your home's curb appeal. Simple changes like replacing the front door, adding a walkway or painting the fence can make your home feel welcoming while also adding functionality.


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Published: Thursday, 09 Dec 2021