We are committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information.

Auswide Bank Privacy Policy

Auswide Bank Ltd (ABN 40 087 652 060), ('Auswide Bank', 'we', 'us', 'our') is committed to protecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information and credit-related personal information (information). In handling your information, we are bound by, and comply with, the Privacy Act 1988, the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) and the Credit Reporting Privacy Code (Code).

This Privacy Policy also relates to Auswide Bank's related entities or subsidiaries.

This privacy policy sets out how we collect and manage your information, how you can access that information should you need to and how you can complain if you are not satisfied with our management of your information.

The Privacy Act applies to individuals and their personal and sensitive information.

When we refer to personal information, we mean information from which your identity is reasonably apparent, which may include information or an opinion about you and any of the following:

  • Your name, date of birth, address, account details, occupation, and any other information we may need to identify you;
  • Sensitive information (includes information or opinion about an individual's racial or ethnic origin, political opinion, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, biometric information or criminal record);
  • Health information;
  • Tax file number information and
  • Credit-related information.

Your credit-related personal information may include:

  • The type and term of consumer credit we provide to you;
  • The day on which the consumer credit is entered into and day on which it is terminated or otherwise ceases to be in force;
  • The terms and conditions of the consumer credit that relate to the repayment of the amount of credit;
  • The maximum amount of credit available under the consumer credit code;
  • Default information (including overdue payments), payment information, new arrangement information, details of any serious credit infringements, court proceedings information, personal insolvency information and publicly available information;
  • Repayment history information which is information about:
  • Whether or not you have met an obligation to make a monthly payment that is due and payable in relation to your consumer credit;
  • The day on which that payment is due.
  • If you make a payment after that day, the date on which that payment is made; and
  • Credit eligibility information, which is credit reporting information supplied to us by a credit reporting body, and any information that we derive from it.

1. Collection of Information

We collect information from you so that we can perform our various functions in the course of providing you with our services. We also collect your information where the law requires us to do so.

Where appropriate, we will collect your information for the following purposes:

  • respond to your enquiries about our financial products or insurances we can source for you;
  • verify your identity information with an official record holder;
  • assess your credit application to provide you with the finance you require from us;
  • assess the application for finance made by a company of which you are a director;
  • assess your application to guarantee the repayment of finance we are considering providing;
  • provide customer support;
  • promote our finance products;
  • manage any complaints;
  • manage any business arrangements under which we provide or receive goods or services.

We also use the information we collect to:

  • manage your account;
  • develop new products, policies and procedures;
  • undertake market research;
  • obtain legal and compliance advice about our obligations;
  • meet our regulatory and legal obligations.

The information we collect may include personal identification, contact details, financial information, lending and default history, banking details, personal and trade references and employment or business history, depending on the relationship you wish to have with us.

We are required to collect certain information as required by Australian law or court or tribunal order. We may be required to collect your Australian tax file number when you open a deposit account with us. While you are not required to provide us with your tax file number, if you do not, we may deduct withholding tax from your interest payments at the highest marginal rate. We do not collect your tax file number for any other purpose and we will record it in accordance with the Privacy Act.

If you choose to not provide us with your information as requested by us, we may not be able to deal with you, or to provide you with a product or service.

Wherever possible, we will collect your information directly from you, or from your broker or financial counsellor, should you wish to apply for finance. However we may also need to obtain personal information about you from a third party.

These third parties may include:

  • credit reporting bodies if we require a report about your credit history
  • our related entities;
  • other credit/service providers where we request information from them about products they may be providing to you;
  • other organisations we may have an arrangement with to jointly offer you products;
  • your accountant;
  • government bodies.

Wherever possible we will tell you who we need to contact and why.

In some circumstances we may be provided with information about you from:

  • brokers;
  • dealers;
  • accountants;
  • referees;
  • external dispute resolution schemes;
  • your agents and
  • Government agencies (Office of State Revenue, law enforcement bodies etc.).

The circumstances in which third parties may provide us with your information include:

  • purchase or service requirements;
  • employment or finance applications;
  • account management and
  • complaints made by you, relating to us.

We may also collect information from you if you choose to use our website to communicate with us.
We will collect the information you provide through our interactive facilities, such as customer enquiry,
online finance application or comment forms. We take steps to protect any information we collect so it
will be safeguarded from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, use, disclosure or modification.

2. Website Information Collection

When you visit our website, our ISP host records a range of information, including your server address, domain name, the date and time of the visit and the pages viewed. This information may be collected by using cookies, which is data sent to your web browser. This allows our site to interact more efficiently with your computer.

If you disable the use of cookies, your use of our site may be affected. Information collected about your visit to our site is retained for statistical and website development reasons and is not in a form which would enable us to identify you.

When visiting our site, you will not be required to provide us with any personal information unless you request information about our equipment or finance or respond to a promotion. If you do, we will ask you to provide contact details along with other information required to respond to your contact with us.

We may also retain that information provided for product planning purposes. It may also be used for direct marketing purposes unless you tell us you do not wish to receive marketing material.

3. Storage Information

We are committed to safeguarding information we handle about you. This includes preventing its misuse or loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure both internally and externally.

Some of the ways we protect your personal information include:

  • external and internal premises security
  • restricted access to information
  • entering into confidentiality agreements with employees and contractors
  • having in place stand-by systems to deal with major business interruptions
  • maintaining technology products to prevent unauthorised computer access
  • regular reviewing and testing of technology in order to improve the level of security

Various legislation requires us to retain your personal information for a period of time after our business dealings have finished. We will destroy or permanently de-identify information if it is no longer required for the purpose for which it was collected.

4. Use and Disclosure

We use your information:

  • to consider and/ or provide you with the services or finance you may require;
  • if applicable, consider your suitability to be a guarantor;
  • to advise you of other products or services that we consider may be of interest to you;
  • to facilitate the promotion or provision of a product or service by one of our contracted service providers;
  • prevent or investigate any actual or suspected fraudulent or unlawful activity or misconduct;
  • identify you or establish your tax status under any Australian or foreign legislation, regulation or treaty pursuant to an agreement with any tax authority; and
  • perform other functions and activities associated with managing our relationship such as, credit scoring, staff training, debt collection, market research, risk management, audits/reviews, complaint management and product or service development among other things.

Where you, as an individual, apply for a banking service or finance with us, or agree to act as a guarantor, you authorise how we may collect, use and disclose your personal and credit information in the Privacy Declaration Statement and Consent which we ask you to sign before we consider your application for a banking service, credit or to be a guarantor.

We will disclose your information to third parties only as the Privacy Act permits and where there is a valid reason to do so. All third parties must use your information only for the specific purpose for which we supply it.

Third parties may include:

  • employees, contractors, auditors and advisers;
  • credit reporting bodies;
  • contracted service providers (e.g. computer systems consultants, document custodians, mailing houses etc.) to enable them to perform those services;
  • to associated businesses that may want to market products to you;
  • to any person who represents you, such as finance brokers, lawyers, mortgage brokers, guardians, persons holding power of attorney and accountants;
  • to anyone where you have provided us consent;
  • to other guarantors or borrowers (if more than one);
  • to borrowers or prospective borrowers, including in relation to any credit you guarantee or propose to guarantee;
  • where we are authorised to do so by law, such as under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (Cth), or by government and law enforcement agencies or regulators;
  • to investors, agents or advisers, trustees, rating agencies or any entity that has an interest in your finance or our business;
  • to other financial institutions, for example to process a claim for mistaken payment;
  • our auditors, insurers, insurance brokers and insurance assessors;
  • debt collection agencies;  
  • referees, where authorised;
  • government authorities and law enforcement agencies, as required by law only;
  • providers of services for the purpose of identity verification;
  • National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (NHFIC) for the purpose of determining your eligibility for a Home Guarantee Scheme, including sharing your information with NHFIC, the Australian Government and with third parties engaged by Auswide Bank to verify your eligibility;
  • Property valuation service providers including licenced valuers; and
  • An organisation for the purpose of checking your identity information with the relevant official record holder or document issuer, including online verification of identity.

5. Disclosing Information Overseas

We do not send or store your information overseas. However some of our third party service providers may send or store your information overseas. We provide the following links to our main service providers Privacy Policies as follows:

Western Union Business Services:
Citigroup Pty Ltd ("Citi"):
National Australia Bank Limited ("NAB"):
Allianz Australia Insurance Ltd:
Equifax Inc:
Illion Australia Pty Ltd: 
RP Data Pty Ltd t/a CoreLogic Asia Pacific

6. Credit Reporting│Notifiable Matters

The law requires us to advise you of 'notifiable matters' in relation to how we may use your credit-related information.  You may request to have these notifiable matters (and this policy) provided to you in an alternative form.

We may provide your credit-related information to, and receive your credit-related information from, a credit reporting body. We may:

  • Disclose your credit-related information to a credit reporting body for credit assessment or collections purposes;
  • Use credit-related information provided by the credit reporting body for credit assessment or collections purposes, including:
    • your name, address and date of birth (to confirm your identity)
    • current and previous credit account history
    • default history
    • any court proceedings – summons, judgement and bankruptcy actions
    • serious credit infringements history, covering fraudulently obtaining, or attempting to obtain finance or shown an intention to avoid repayment obligations
    • Notify the credit reporting body of any overdue payments, provided they are more than 60 days overdue, we have attempted to collect the payment and we have notified you of our intention to do so;
    • Notify the credit reporting body of a serious credit infringement if we have reasonable grounds to believe you fraudulently obtained, or attempted to obtain, credit from us or that you have shown an intention to evade your obligations under the contract with us. We will only do this if we have not been able to contact you over a 6 month period;
    • Notify the credit reporting body of account identification information, loan and credit accounts you hold, when your personal credit accounts were opened and closed (if relevant), the type of personal credit that you have, the current credit limit on each account, and up to 24 months of repayment history information.

Any information shared with, or by, a credit reporting body is held in electronic form, traceable through the credit reporting body or our systems by time, date, account and user. The credit reporting body may include the information in reports provided to credit providers to assist them to assess your credit worthiness.

You have the right to request access to the credit-related information that we hold about you and make a request for us to correct that credit-related information if needed.  See 'Accessing and correcting your personal and credit-related information' below for further information.
Sometimes your credit-related information will be used by credit reporting bodies for the purposes of 'pre-screening' credit offers on the request of other credit providers.  You can contact the credit reporting bodies at any time to request that your credit-related information is not used in this way.

You may contact the credit reporting bodies to advise them that you believe that you may have been a victim of fraud.  Credit reporting bodies must not use or disclose your credit-related information for a period of 21 days after you notify them that you may have been a victim of fraud. You can contact any of the following credit reporting bodies for more information:

  • Equifax Pty Limited –;
  • Illion (Australia) Pty Limited –;

7. Accessing and correcting your personal and credit-related information

We will provide you with access to the personal and credit-related information we hold about you.  You may request access to any of the personal and credit-related information we hold about you at any time.

We may charge a fee for our costs of retrieving and supplying the information to you.

Depending on the type of request that you make, we may respond to your request immediately. Otherwise, we usually respond to you within seven days of receiving your request.  We may need to contact other entities to properly investigate your request.

There may be situations where we are not required to provide you with access to your personal or credit-related information, for example, if the information relates to existing or anticipated legal proceedings, if your request is vexatious, or if the information is commercially sensitive.

If we deny you access to the personal or credit-related information we hold about you, we will explain why.

If any of the personal or credit-related information we hold about you is incorrect, inaccurate or out-of-date, you may request that we correct the information by contacting us.

If appropriate, we will correct the personal or credit-related information at the time of your request.  Otherwise, we will provide an initial response to you within seven days of receiving your request.  Where reasonable, and after our investigation, we will provide you with details about whether we have corrected your personal or credit-related information within 30 days.
We may need to consult with other finance providers or credit reporting bodies or entities as part of our investigation.

If we refuse to correct personal or credit-related information, we will provide you with our reasons for not correcting the information.

If any information Auswide Bank has reported to these credit reporting bodies is out-of-date you have the right to have the information updated and corrected. If for any valid reason we refuse to correct your information, we will explain why.

You may request access to and correction of information Auswide Bank holds about you by contacting us in accordance with Clause 10 of this Privacy Policy.



8. Direct Marketing

We will keep you informed about the financial services we offer (or those offered by our subsidiaries, joint venture partners and third parties for which we act as agent) if we believe this information may be of interest to you, or if it may help us develop and improve our services to you.

However we respect your wishes with regard to your privacy, so if you do not wish to receive this information please contact us as per our contact details below regarding direct marketing. If we are not advised in this regard, we will continue to use your personal information for this purpose.

We will also continue to send you information relating to the financial services that you have selected, such as newsletters, statements, statement inserts or offers to upgrade these services.

9. Complaints and Concerns

If you lodge a complaint, Auswide Bank will investigate your complaint.

Within 7 days after the complaint is made, we will give you written notice that acknowledges the complaint, and sets out how we will investigate the complaint.

We will advise you of the outcome of the investigation within 30 days of the complaint. If we require a longer period to investigate the complaint, we will seek your agreement in writing.

If our initial response is not acceptable, you should lodge a formal complaint with our Internal Dispute Resolution Officer who will review your complaint.  The complaint will be acknowledged within 3 business days, and you will be provided with a written response within 21 days.

If you are not satisfied with our final response, you may lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority ("AFCA"). AFCA's contact details are:

Phone:            1800 931 678 (free call)
Australian Financial Complaints Authority 
PO Box GPO Box 3,
Melbourne VIC 3001

If your complaint is in relation to a privacy matter you may make an application to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) or the Credit and Investments Ombudsman Ltd to have the complaint heard and determined.

The OAIC contact details are:

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218, Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 1300 363 992 or +61 2 9284 9749 if calling from outside of Australia
Fax: +61 2 9284 9666
Email: website:

10. Contacting Us

You have the right to remain anonymous or use a pseudonym when you contact us, however if you do so we may not be able to assist you with your enquiry or complaint.
Our Privacy Policy may change over time. You can obtain the current version from our website or by contacting us at:

Customer Hub, Auswide Bank
Reply Paid 1063, Bundaberg QLD 4670
phone: 1300 138 831
email: website:

It is important to us that the personal information we hold about you is accurate and up-to-date.  During the course of our relationship with you, we may ask you to inform us if any of your personal information has changed.  If you wish to have the information we hold about you corrected or updated you may contact us at:

Support Services Operations, Auswide Bank
Reply Paid 1063, Bundaberg QLD 4670
phone: 1300 138 831
email: website:

We will keep you informed about the financial services we offer. If you wish to advise us you do not want to continue receiving direct marketing material you may contact us at:

Customer Experience Team, Auswide Bank
Reply Paid 1063, Bundaberg QLD 4670
phone: 1300 138 831
email: website:

If you have a general complaint or enquiry you may do so via our Feedback Form located on our website or by contacting us at:

Customer Experience Team, Auswide Bank
Reply Paid 1063, Bundaberg QLD 4670
phone: 1300 138 831
email: website: