Cheque Banking Security

Minimise risk...

Cheque Banking Security

Every day, our customers write out thousands of cheques to debit their Auswide Bank accounts.

You can help us to minimise the risk of cheque fraud by exercising the following cautions in the operation of your Auswide Bank Cheque Book or Bank Cheque:

  • Always keep your cheque book in a safe place
  • Do not leave signed blank cheques in your cheque book
  • Ensure no gaps in words or numbers when writing cheques
  • Ensure the cheque is fully completed – especially the drawer's name and the amount
  • If a cheque or your cheque book is stolen, lost or misused contact us by phone as soon as possible and follow up in writing
  • Limit cheque book availability to authorised employees.
  • Regularly reconcile cheques drawn on your account
  • If you wish to cancel a Personal, Business or Bank Cheque for any reason, contact us as soon as possible, to arrange a Stop Payment.
  • For useful information and advice about banking and online scams please refer to our Fraud Warnings & Scam Alerts.

You should read and understood the Terms and Conditions relating to the use of cheque banking services offered by Auswide Bank.