To view any transfers and payments that you've scheduled to be made on a date in the future:

Internet Banking:

  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Click on the 'Future Payments' box at the top of your home screen ('My Accounts'). This will show a drop-down list with a preview of some of your upcoming Future Payments
  • Click on one of the future payments to view the details for the payment or click 'View All' to see a list of all your Future Payments

Mobile Banking:

  • Login to the Auswide Bank app
  • Select ‘Settings’ (or on the bottom of the home screen there is a 'pay' button)
  • Tap ‘Pay’
  • Select ‘Future Payments’

You can also view your Future Payments by selecting 'Payments' from the top menu of options and then selecting 'Future Payments'. If you do not have any Future Payments scheduled, no Future Payments will be displayed on the screen.