Internet Banking:

  • Login to Internet Banking
  • Select 'Payments' from the top menu of options, then select 'Address Book'
  • Your Address Book acts like your Contacts library on your phone and contains a list of both your Payees and BPAY Billers. Click on the Payees tab at the top of the screen to display your list of Payees
  • Click on the 'Add New Payee' drop-down field and then select either 'Internal Payee' (i.e., another Auswide Bank customer other than yourself) or External Payee (i.e. a customer with another Financial Institution)
  • Enter the relevant Account Details for the Payee in the fields provided (e.g., BSB, Account Number, Account Name, and any preferred Transaction Descriptions/References you'd like to appear on payments to the Payee)
  • Click the 'Get SMS' button to be sent a Secure SMS One Time Password to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the One Time Password received in the field provided and click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the screen

To save you time, you can also add new Payees when making transfers/payments.

Mobile Banking:

  • Login to the Auswide Bank app
  • Tap the 'Pay' tab at the bottom of the app
  • Tap 'Manage Payees' from the options displayed on the screen
  • Tap the 'New' button
  • Tap the 'BSB/Account' button
  • Enter the BSB and Account Number for the Payee in the applicable fields
  • Tap the 'Validate' button
  • If you entered a valid BSB and Account Number, you'll be taken to a new screen with those details pre-populated. Enter the Account Name for the Biller in the 'Account name' field
  • If you'd like to give the Payee a friendly Nickname to help you remember them, enter the Nickname in the 'Nickname' field (optional)
  • Enter a Description (what you will see on your Statement) that you would regularly use with this Payee in the 'Your Description' field
  • Enter a Reference (what the Payee see on their Statement) that you would regularly use with this Payee in the 'Reference' field
  • Tap the 'Save' button