Auswide Bank home loan redraw is available online via internet banking or on application at a branch or by completing the Redraw of Advance Funds form*.

When making a redraw request the following payment methods+ are available:

  • Transfer to an Auswide Bank account
  • BPAY®
  • Real Time Gross Settlement
  • External Payment

Payment by bank cheque is also available when making a redraw request in writing or at a branch.


  • Any redraw will be debited to your loan account and will incur interest on the same basis as the principal owing under your loan.
  • Where multiple signatories are required to operate the loan, all signatories will be required to authorise.  For internet banking, this will require all signatories to be registered for Internet Banking.


 A redraw fee may apply to redraws performed at branches or upon written request.
+ Depending on the access method you choose to receive redraw funds, other fees & charges may apply