Our Company

In a fast paced, complex and impersonal world the small things are often sacrificed. It's easy to feel forgotten, but we believe it's the small things that can give life meaning and create real value to our customers.

It's the small things that really make us different, especially when you compare us to the 'big banks' and the banks 'owned' by the 'big banks'.

We’ve been helping Australians achieve home ownership for over 55 years and understand that every action we take and every decision we make creates a big difference to your banking experience and your financial future.

Auswide Bank is friendly and flexible. We are responsive and responsible. We are agile and nimble. We listen and then we deliver. Though we may be small we make a big difference in our customers' lives.

Small things really matter to us like attention to detail, delivering on our promises and 'going the extra mile'!

Our products and services are competitive and offer features that make a big difference to our customers no matter where they live.

We would love the opportunity of growing with you, your family or your business as your financial needs change over time.

Experience a better way to do banking with Auswide Bank.

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Our History

We started back in 1966 when Auswide Bank founder, Ron Hancock said he wanted to provide an alternative to the big banks.

Back then, we were known by a few different names including Wide Bay Capricorn Building Society, Wide Bay Capricorn and Wide Bay Australia, each name representing our continued growth throughout Queensland thanks to a series of successful mergers, new branches and our growing number of customers thanks to our ‘small things, big difference’ mentality.

On the 1st of April 2015, Auswide Bank was launched and while we’ve seen many changes over the years, our goal still remains the same – to provide Australians a genuine alternative to the big banks.


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Small things, Big difference.

Find out what Auswide Bank can do for you.